Frequently Ask Questions

biznIDs is a one-stop solution platform for local Indonesian sellers & international buyers to meet the best potential partners through virtual exhibition & business matching. For more info, check about us.

biznIDs aims to provide the end to end services for stakeholders. We partnered with specialists to help develop seller businesses and helping with the export process from meetings, transactions, inspections, to shippings.

As for seller, biznIDs is open to all Indonesian entrepreneurs with products, services and investments to be marketed overseas.

As for buyer, international buyer from all countries are allowed to join and will be help to find their best potential partners.

1. Go to log In/Sign Up page or click this
2. Choose you membership type (Basic or Premium)
3. Click Sign Up
4. Select As Seller/Buyer
5. Fill in the Form with the correct personal information then click Next
6. Fill in the form with information about the company correctly. For product categories, there may be more than 1.
7. Click Sign Up
8. If you choose premium, you will receive a payment confirmation and procedures.
9. After that you will are officially a member of biznIDs!

Free Regular Membership

· Product display of 10 products with a basic Mini-Store appearance
· Business Forum organized by biznIDs
· limited access to Buyer requests and can only send 5 Offers to Buyers per day.

Preffered Membership

· Product display with an unlimited number
· Business Forum organized by biznIDs
· Custom mini-store with 10 products in the storefront
· Premium Vendor Badge & Verified Legality Badge
· Unlimited access to Buyer requests
· Able to send up to 15 Offers to Buyers per day
· Priority in the virtual exhibition facilitation
· 6 free Business Matching rooms per year
· Free vouchers for 6 workshops / trainings per year

for more membership info, click here

How to add products?
1. Click Profile then click Product.
2. Click Post Your Product to add a product then fill in the information about the product and click Submit.
3. The product will appear in My Product
4. Please fill in product information to add another product.

How to erase my product?
1. On the Product page, click the detail on the product to be removed.
2. View My Product and click the product to be removed.
3. Select Delete Product.

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